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Sterling Silver Textured Universe Bracelet

Sterling Silver Textured Universe Bracelet


All sterling silver and organic texture with blue topaz accents. Oxidized to bring out the detail. The clasp is easy to use and fits in well with the design of this bracelet.


This bracelet pictured fits a 6.25 inch to 6.50 wrist

If you have to have this beautiful bracelet I can make it fit your wrist. If you have a larger wrist than 6.25 as measured just below your wrist bone ( where you would wear this bracelet) send me your exact tape measurement and I will add to this bracelet in a pleasing manner to fit you. I will invoice you an additional $50 for material and labor in addition to the $495. 

The width is 1.75-2 inches.


I spent a lot of time sanding away any rough edges.

With all the texture - there is NO ROUGH parts.

5 round 6mm faceted london blue topaz bezel set . If you need a bigger size - I will add another blue topaz for balance.

Statement piece and One of a Kind





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