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donna thome of isajul jewelry

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ISAJUL... the name of my two sons combined.. Isaak and Julian....ISA JUL.

Before jewelry I had worked in the mental health field. I have a Master's Degree in Psychology. I  have been creating jewelry for over 20 years. I am mostly self taught but have taken some key jewelry classes with Connie Fox in San Diego, MaryAnn Scheer, Amy Tavern and Betty McKim here in Raleigh.   I use primarily argentium sterling silver ( a more tarnish resistant sterling).

I love statement pieces and most of my customers do too. Simple clothing and WOW jewelry. How the jewelry fits the body is important to me along with texture and overall Feel of the piece

I handcraft all my pieces myself and truly care about the quality of each piece and guarantee against breakage for life. If there is any breakage, I will happily repair for free. I want my customers to LOVE their pieces they receive from me.

To make it easier to purchase my jewelry online, i take care with my photos, trying to give you different angles and all the pieces displayed on a model.  Plus shipping is FREE. Yay. 

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