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ISAJUL... the name of my two sons combined.. Isaak and Julian....ISA JUL.

Before jewelry I had worked in the mental health field. I have a Master's Degree in Psychology. I  have been creating jewelry for over 17 years. I am mostly self taught but have taken some key jewelry classes with Connie Fox in San Diego, MaryAnn Scheer and Betty McKim here in Raleigh. Most recently, Amy Tavern.  I use primarily argentium sterling silver ( a more tarnish resistant sterling).

I love statement pieces and most of my customers do too. Simple clothing and WOW jewelry.

I handcraft all my pieces myself and truly care about the quality of each piece and guarantee against breakage for life. If there is any breakage, I will happily repair for free. I want my customers to LOVE their pieces they receive from me.

To make it easier to purchase my jewelry online, i take care with my photos, trying to give you different angles and all the pieces displayed on a model.  Plus shipping is FREE. Yay.