Six strand Leather Choker with Sterling findings

Six strand Leather Choker with Sterling findings


3 strands of approximately 36 inches of round camel/Carmel brown leather securely fastened into handcrafted endcaps with round push clasp, 2 inch extender and isajul tag all in sterling silver.

Meant to be worn double around your neck as shown in pictures. ( After I cut the leather I soaked it in water and then formed the three strands into a double circle until it dried so it will hang nicely on your neck ). 

When not wearing store in a circular shape in your beautiful box it come in.

Depending on your wrist size and if you have a friend to help you fasten it you can wear it as a bracelet.

So light and comfortable ( I literally don’t feel it when it’s around my neck). Great for folks that can’t stand anything heavy or tight at their neck.