These one of a kind sterling silver earrings are completely hand fabricated from sterling sheet.
The post section has a polka dot pattern milled onto the surface; the top post measures .5 inches tall and 5/16 inches wide. The post is sterling silver as are the butterfly clutches that hold them securely to your lobe. I made these seamed (seams in back) tubes from sterling sheet and milled the same dot pattern on them. A fine oxidized sterling chain holds the 3 organically faceted garnets. They can be pulled different ways depending what arrangement you want the garnets to hang. 
The garnets look like they are lit from within when outside in the sunlight or under halogen lights. They are gorgeous hang freely so they can catch the light. The entire earring is about 3 inches from top of post to bottom garnet. They are lightweight on your ears. You will love them.

One of a kind sterling silver and garnet post and dangle earrings